haciendo jabón

Last Friday, January 26th, we, students of 4°ESO, gathered at school in the afternoon to make soap. Our tutors came to us with this idea of making an activity together to improve our social skills and relationships as a class and to do an “environmentally- friendly activity”. To make   this soap We recycled used olive oil, which is really dangerous for the environment, and we spent a good time, all of us laughing and mixing a few ingredients in a washbowl. At first, we were confused because we had never done activities like this before. Also, we thought that making soap was difficult and we were very hesitant but then, we really liked it. The soap needed to be stirred every day and it took a week to be ready.

As a goal, we made the soap to sell it and raise money for a charity. We really wanted to help one because it matters to us and we care about needy people.

In conclusion, this experience improved our coexistence, made us do a “green action” for the environment and allowed us to help a charitable institution. I personally, honestly, enjoyed concocting soap with all my classmates and it warmed my heart to help other people.

Written by Aya Hachcham 4°ESO B