As you all know, for Valentine’s day we had a card competition which had two prizes (some boxes of chocolates).

The first price was won by my friend Sofia and I won the second prize.

Inés Zehzouhi (1st ESO B)


At school every year  we celebrate St Valentine`s Day. This year, all the 1st ESO students participated in the competition of the most beautiful St Valentine´s card . In each class there were 2  winners that  students voted.

With our English teacher, Trinidad, we all participated in the competition. She told us to be creative, and we all made very beautiful cards !We helped the teacher to put all the cards on the wall of the stairs so that when a person passed by, they could see our cards.

In my class there were two winners. I’ m very exited because I won the first prize and my  classmate, InesZahzouhi, won the second one.

After two weeks we collected ours cards, but the trouble was that my Valentine´s card and Ines´had disappeared.

Sofía Tazi (1st ESO B)