On the 30th of March, most of the students from Year 10  classes took the bus to Rabat and then the plane to Madrid, a city with a festive mood. This trip is the most famous study trip that all 4TH ESO pupils do every year.

I can describe this trip as a journey of experiences since there was a first time for almost everything.

Throughout this journey with our teachers, Trinidad Manuel and Javier, we visited many museums that most of us didn’t know; we also discovered the architecture and the landscapes of Toledo, a city close to the capital.

We then explored the surroundings of the Royal Theater as well as the Retiro Park and the Warner Bross Theme Park, where many attractions and activities were available for us.

It was not only a very rich cultural trip but also very entertaining.

At the hotel we were lucky enough to get to know people from different countries such as England and Japan.

All these moments will always be engraved in our minds and thanks to this trip we were able to go out, grow up and become aware of important things in life.

Written by Yasmine Slaoui- 4B ESO